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A Professional Artist blending Fine Art training with Graphic Art experience to produce creative design solutions for fine art, commercial product lines and publications. I have a B.A. in Fine Arts and 20+ years experience as a professional artist. My first position was as an advertising/fashion illustrator for a major newspaper and since have designed and illustrated for advertising agencies, International, national and statewide magazines, children's' books, activity books for zoos & museums, hospitals, charities and gift ware manufacturers. My gift ware designs have sold in gift and home dec. shops nationwide including the Smithsonian Gift Shop, Zondervan Family Book Stores, Mardel Christian Gift Stores, Hobby Lobby, and Spiegel Catalogue.
I work in watercolors, oils, pen & ink, pencil and often combine them with my computer designs. I have studied color and trend forecasting as a member of the Color Marketing Group and apply that knowledge to my designs.
I enjoy painting and designing new product lines and art for framed prints. My paintings sell in galleries, online and in art shows. I have maintained a flexible style in my commercial art to meet the needs of a variety of customers so that the customersí are identified by the art work rather than myself. My fine art reflects the excitement I feel when I find a subject just begging for me to capture it on canvas or paper. My attention to detail and mastery of painting techniques and color is an identifying aspect of my art. Further examples of my art work may be viewed on my web site:
My home is in Edmond, OK where I live with my dog and art. I have a close family which is rich in love and humor. My son lives in Moore and my Mom and my sisterís family live in Houston and visit often. We all enjoy our time together. When I slow down I enjoy long walks with my dog and sketching natures beauties or visiting art museums and sipping a wonderful cup of tea. I hope my art brings a smile to your face or triggers a cherished memory! Art that touches the viewer and brings a smile, or cherished memory is the greatest accomplishment of an artist.



Natural Bliss by Sher Sester


Blissful Birds in Blue by Sher Sester


Birds and Butterflies by Sher Sester


Birds and Bees by Sher Sester


Clearwater Swan by Sher Sester


Fresh Catch Seaside blackboard signs by Sher Sester


Fresh Lobster by Sher Sester


Message in a Bottle by Sher Sester


Postcard from the Beach by Sher Sester


Toes in the Sand by Sher Sester


The Derby by Sher Sester


Heading for Home - The Race by Sher Sester


Springer Spaniel - Best Friend by Sher Sester


Anticipation - Farm Life by Sher Sester


Fox in the Birch Woods by Sher Sester


Owl tracking his prey by Sher Sester


Who Owl by Sher Sester


Fox on the Trail by Sher Sester


Wildlife Animal Pattern by Sher Sester


Riding Boot by Sher Sester


English Saddle - blue tones by Sher Sester


English Saddle - Tea stained by Sher Sester


Golden Retriever by Sher Sester


We The People by Sher Sester


Boston Market by Sher Sester


Nature rewards the simple life by Sher Sester


Garden Joy by Sher Sester


Dragonfly Days by Sher Sester


Serenity by Sher Sester


Misty Thoughts by Sher Sester


Soon there'll be berries by Sher Sester


Touring the Met by Sher Sester


It's All About the Shoes by Sher Sester


My Life is in the Bag by Sher Sester


Welcome to my garden by Sher Sester


Home is where you hang your heart by Sher Sester


Autumn Reflections by Sher Sester


Sleepy-time Snowgal by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - Christmas by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - 4th of July by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - Thanksgiving by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - Halloween by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - Easter by Sher Sester


Color Me Card - New Years by Sher Sester


A Big Snowfall-blue border by Sher Sester


A Big Snow Fall by Sher Sester